BABSON Auto-production lines
Aug 05, 2021

Nowadays,Multifunction production machine are widely used in many countries and regions around the globe. To provide customers with a productive printing environment, manufacturer must deliver its toner cartridges quickly and in perfect condition.

BABSON has been use Auto-machine for a long time. Back when the number of products was small and monochrome printing was mainstream, we used large machines to quickly fill toner bottles in large volumes with the same kind of toner powder.

As color printing became popular and customer needs diversified, the variety of toners and cartridges increased significantly. Accordingly, BABSON had to update a automatic assembly machine for high-mix low-volume production to deal with varying customer demands.

BABSON has implemented an automatic assembly line for toner cartridges for the purpose of meeting diverse customer needs by creating a high-quality, low-cost, and highly productive manufacturing system.

By module-type equipment, highly versatile supplying units, and an automatic handling system, we have a flexible manufacturing line that can quickly respond to changes and be used for manufacturing products.

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